A new option in meeting Legionella compliance obligations

A new option in meeting Legionella compliance obligations

Kieran Murphy | 2nd, September , 2022

Take the pain out of manual checks and reporting and save significant costs with ZiggyTec’s Smart Legionella Control solution

A Legionella Compliance Strategy is a must-have for commercial buildings, and ZiggyTec’s Smart Legionella Control solution is a new option for duty-holders responsible for meeting the associated legal and regulatory requirements.

Legionella bacteria causes the potentially deadly Legionnaire’s Disease, and it can grow in building water systems, infecting people using taps, sinks and showers.

Traditional methods of controlling legionella include monthly manual temperature checks and system flushes – which are costly, ineffective, prone to inaccuracy, and wasteful. By automating the measurement of water temperature every 10 seconds, our solution ensures compliance with best practice guidance such as ACOP L8 and relevant regulations.

Clients get access to detailed data reports, as and when they are needed. Daily, weekly or monthly reports ensure that you will always be able to keep on top of your compliance obligations. The system also provides real-time alerts of non-compliance events, allowing clients to take action in a proactive, timely way.


Simple installation by our engineering experts and ongoing client support

Our engineering team will install the discrete sensors, which are battery operated (no power supply required) and mounted near the taps and clip on to the pipes. We can configure each device to transmit information based the local health and safety in your jurisdiction.

Data is transmitted 24/7 over a dedicated Internet of Things network and is kept completely separate to buildings’ network systems. All communications costs are included in a simple, cost-effective monthly subscription fee.

The long-life battery lasts approximately 10 years. Our smart system detects when batteries are running low, and we replace them when needed, free of charge.

ZiggyTec’s state-of-the-art dashboards also show non-compliance events in real time, and automatically highlight other concerns.

The reports will automatically reduce the need for flushing by up to 95% which will save thousands of litres of water – and tonnes of energy – every year, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

In addition to your automated instant alerts, you have access to ongoing customer support from our dedicated team. We’re on hand to help with any new configuration requirements, any maintenance issues, or anything at all.

Interested in booking a call with us to find out how you can streamline your compliance reporting on Legionella while keeping building occupants safe and well?