Using Technology and Employee Centricity to Create Safe Buildings

Using Technology and Employee Centricity to Create Safe Buildings

There’s a rise in the demand for safe buildings. One of the champions of safety and security has been IoT technology, which has been used to create smart buildings. By using this smart technology, one can ensure a boost in not just safety, but also sustainability.

How IoT Technology Can Make Your Smart Building Data Safer

There has been an increase in smart buildings in recent years. While it has many advantages, there is also concern about data security. One solution

The Rise of Smart Buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our approach towards our buildings. As offices emptied and remote working became the norm, it became essential to make our buildings

Monitor utility usage and reduce emissions the smart way

Smart utility monitoring delivers accurate reports and actionable insights that can help manage the use of resources – and this is becoming vital amid a

The growing power of IoT in building sustainability

The Internet revolutionised the way we do business. Now its cousin, the Internet of Things, is set to revolutionise the places we do business, too.

How good indoor air quality benefits wellbeing in the workplace

The benefits of good indoor air quality (IAQ) came to light during the Covid-19 pandemic considering the effects of poor ventilation on human health. Poor

Standards and certifications support new push for workplace air quality regulation

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a renewed focus on wellness in the workplace, helping to replace absenteeism with presenteeism as one of HR’s biggest bugbears.

Smart Legionella Control – a ‘no-brainer’ that saves time, money and resources in climate and energy crises

Time has come to give full play to smart legionella control solution in making buildings smarter, safer and more sustainable Staring down the barrel of

A new option in meeting Legionella compliance obligations

Take the pain out of manual checks and reporting and save significant costs with ZiggyTec’s Smart Legionella Control solution A Legionella Compliance Strategy is a

IoT technology is transforming Legionella control activity

Smart devices and data analysis make reporting easier and more accurate than ever for legionella control Legionnaire’s Disease might sound like an illness from the