Implement IoT technology to improve resource efficiency

Learn how we support smart buildings and use our state-of-the-art dashboards to understand consumption patterns, make informed decisions on usage, and automate compliance checks to reduce risks.

The number of smart buildings worldwide is projected to climb from 45 million this year to 115 million in 2026, an increase of more than 150%, as demand grows for secure, energy-efficient developments. Using IoT for smart buildings helps access building data easily, which can then be used to generate actionable insights.

Discrete, smart sensors can be fixed in buildings with minimum disruption, ensuring a smooth installation process and immediate use of smart building technology. In a future that is dependent on intelligent buildings and automated processes, how can we ensure that these smart buildings are well-functioning and secure?

Key Benefits

Automate compliance

Keep an eye on compliance with our real-time monitoring solution, non-compliance alerts, and easy-to-use dashboards for auditing.

Manage utility bills

Get data on consumption patterns, and use the insights to create plans and reduce operational costs of your building.

Improve productivity

Use insights on air quality, temperature, and capacity, among other parameters to keep an eye on how comfortable the staff is and improve productivity.

Our smart building solutions

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Keep an eye on compliance with our real-time monitoring solution, non-compliance alerts, and easy-to-use dashboards for auditing.

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Smart Legionella Control

Automate compliance with our smart solution that sends alerts in cases of non-compliance.

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Workplace Optimisation

Keep an eye on workplace occupancy and use data to implement smart cleaning schedules.

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Smart Utility Monitoring

Track your utility consumption to detect issues and make informed decisions about usage.

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Our platform

Our user-friendly platform can be customised based on your selected KPIs, which you can also track by downloading reports.

  • 01

    Sensor data is sent directly to our secure platform.

  • 02

    Access data in real time and track live usage.

  • 03

    Customise the dashboard to define your KPIs and monitor them.

  • 04

    The platform can be accessed via the web or desktop.

  • 05

    Use our open API Gateway for access to data via other IT systems.

  • 06

    Export data and reports in your chosen format for ease of distribution.


What is a smart building ecosystem?

The ecosystem consists of the devices, the platform, as well as the data that is transferred from the device to the platform.

Which certifications can I achieve with smart building technology?

Smart building solutions can help you achieve ESG certifications like BREEAM, GRESB, RESET, LEED, and more.

How can I ensure that my building data is secure?

By using an IoT network that is independent and not connected to your WiFi, you can ensure that your encrypted data is secure.

How much can I expect to save by implementing smart building solutions?

It has been estimated that by using smart building solutions to optimise asset and resource utilisation, firms can save up to 25% on annual utility spending.

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