Smart Utility Monitoring

Get valuable data reports on utility usage and actionable insights to help you manage energy costs, meet ESG goals, achieve a range of sustainability certifications and more.

Building Utility Monitoring Services

We provide utilities monitoring service through our cloud-based portal, delivering valuable reports and actionable insights to help you manage usage, meet ESG goals, achieve a range of sustainability certifications, and more.

We help building managers, facility managers, and sustainability leaders extract valuable data on utility usage, through cost-effective, smart devices connected to our reporting portal.

We’ve built up a solid reputation for providing accurate, consistent and reliable data, which clients can easily access through our customised system. Our reporting system can be tailored to your specific needs.

Understand consumption

Recognise usage trends and get actionable insights

Optimise resource use

Identify and reduce sources of resource wastage

Boost savings

Analyse data and manage the use of resources to save on bills

Sustainable Solutions for Buildings and People

Building Managers

Identify trends in utility wastage, get insights to improve efficiency and help control usage in a soaring utilities market.

Asset Owners

Enhance the value and appeal of your property portfolio through ESG and sustainability certification.

Sustainability Leaders

Understand how various utility metrics are impacting your business and use this intelligence to address a range of issues.

Key service benefits​

Real-time Data​

Our revolutionary utility monitoring solution allows building managers, asset owners and sustainability leaders to extract real-time utility data from commercial buildings at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, without compromising on quality.

Sustainable Devices​

The sustainable, battery-operated devices and the cloud-based reporting platform help companies manage energy, gas, and water usage; meet ESG obligations; and achieve building performance certifications. Installation is simple, and there is no need to power down buildings.

Analysis and Control

The data is transmitted from the buildings’ existing meters via innovative IoT devices to ZiggyTec’s cloud-based platform, or to another digital destination via an API. The data that can be extracted, processed and analysed includes electricity consumption, gas consumption and water usage.

Our team of experts

Full installation by our engineering team​

Our engineering team will install the discrete sensors, which are mounted near the taps and clip on to the pipes.

Configurable temperature thresholds​

We can configure each device to transmit information based on the local health and safety regulations in your jurisdiction.

How it works

Intelligent reporting

State-of-the-art dashboard displaying real-time readings

Key service features

Data transmitted

Data is transmitted 24/7 over a dedicated Internet of Things network and is kept completely separate to buildings’ network systems.

Long-life battery

The long-life battery lasts approximately 5 years. Our smart system detects when batteries are running low, and we replace them when needed, free of charge.

Fully encrypted

No SIM is required and data is fully encrypted. Cloud storage for over five years.

Monthly subscription

All communications costs are included in your monthly subscription fee.


Why do I need smart utility monitoring?

Smart utility monitoring is a great way to keep an eye on your electricity, water, and gas usage. It helps ensure optimal equipment performance for full operational efficiency.

What kind of technology does it use?

While there are different types of technology used, one of the most popular ways for smart utility monitoring is via IoT technology, which receives data through smart sensors.

Why is it important to monitor energy usage?

Not only will monitoring energy consumption help maintain legal compliance, but it can also help in reducing carbon footprint, meeting ESG goals, and boosting savings on staggering bills.

What are some of the best green certifications to obtain?

Certifications like GRESB, LEED, and BREEAM are some of the best green certifications for your buildings.

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